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Italian Cash Management Company introduces Mobile Cash Centre

by Guillaume Lepecq | May 21, 2017

Mondialpol3At the recent ESTA (European Security Transport Association) conference in Portugal, the Italian Cash Management Company Mondialpol presented the design of a mobile cash centre, which could rapidly be set up in case of a natural disaster or a crisis.

The project was initiated in 2013, when the Bank of Italy set up a working group to study a co-operative approach to business continuity, in the cash area. A National Committee was established and they collated data on available resources, in the case of a crisis. However one issue was identified: what if a cash centre is actually involved in the crisis and unable to function ?

Italy has faced several crises recently including deadly earthquakes. floods but also the bankruptcy of cash-in-transit companies in 2013.

The working group came up with two solutions:  firstly, they identified buildings and back-up structures where operations could be transferred; secondly, they proposed to design a mobile cash centre.

Mondialpol, which operates 14 cash centres in Italy has opted to further study the design for a mobile cash centre.

Mondialpol2The solution is based on three standard containers, which makes it flexible and easy to transport. The first container includes the entrance, a transfer safe and workstations for in- and outflows; the second accommodates 8 counting and authentication positions; the third hosts the vault and a WC. The centre is modular and other features can be added: mobile ATMs installed on dedicated armoured trucks (pictured opposite); a ‘Bank on the Road’ truck which is an armoured vehicle fitted with smart safes, that can collect deposits from retailers and deliver them to the mobile cash centre.

The mobile cash centre is also equipped with support systems and devices such as CCTV, access control, server, LAN and wifi, security systems, air conditioning, WC, which enable it to operate autonomously and in accordance with security standards, throughout the emergency.

The activation of the MCC can take place within 48h. It is sustained by support functions such as:

  • Crisis Committee a working group gathering key company representatives with defined tasks and roles
  • Recognition Team: a dedicated team, whose role is to reach the area -previously defined – in order to asses its availability and its viability
  • Security Squad: a dedicated team, whose aim is to create and protect a 24h safe area around the MCC. The team, with work and rest shifts, is positioned in a dedicated armoured Container too.
  • Logistics Team: a dedicated team, which is responsible for the logistical support to the personnel.
Photo credits: Mondialpol.

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