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CashEssentials: Discovering Cash Photography

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash is a symbol of national sovereignty, Future of Cash
August 4, 2022
Tags : Banknote art, Banknote/Note, Design, Photo contest, Photography
CashEssentials's photography portal contains an array of photos received from its contests throughout the years, featuring the use of banknotes and coins worldwide.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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A visual peek into the world of cash

In honour of demonstrating cash’s versatility, accessibility, and contribution to a healthy economy, CashEssentials created a dedicated page for readers to have a visual peek into the world of cash.

CashEssentials and the photo contest platform Wipplay have hosted several photo contests throughout the years, offering a unique journey in the cash world and illustrating its numerous social, economic, and artistic attributes. Such photo contests have garnered success with their unique theme of greeting participants each year:

2017: “Happy Cash, When Cash Connects People.”
2018: “Cash Me If You Can – The Traveler’s Discreet Companion.”
2019: “Small Bill, Big Thrill: A Little Cash Goes a Long Way.”
2020: “Imagine Currency.”


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This post is also available in: Spanish