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Love taking photos? Here’s your chance!

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash is a social network
September 1, 2017
Tags : Cash Transfers, Photo contest, Social Inclusion, Social network, Trust, Universality
Cash in the spotlight through a photo contest!
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Grab you cameras and immortalise you best exchanges or notes!

You might know your banknotes from every angle, but have you ever thought of what cash actually represents? CashEssentials, in collaboration with the photo contest platform Wipplay, is launching the “Happy Cash, When Cash Connects Peopleas a means to illustrate the multiple facets of notes and coins around the world.

The contest is open to photographers across the globe – amateurs and professionals – and will run from 6th September to 25th October 2017. Participants are invited to illustrate cash from all angles including activities and values associated to it such as sharing, trust and universality. Photographers are free to focus on any aspect of the theme including capturing a transaction at a market, embellishing a banknote, or playing with clichés such as the piggy-bank! The aim is to represent the values that cash evokes as a real and tangible payment instrument that connects people through exchanges and transactions.

The jury consists of Swiss banknote designer Manuela Pfrunder, Sam Stourdzé, Director of the Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles and former Director of the Elysée Museum of Lausanne, as well as Päivi Heikkinen (Bank of Finland); Erick Lacourrège (Banque de France) and  professional photographers, Émile Loreaux and Philippe Assalit. The most interesting pictures will be presented in 2018 and six of the best creations will be awarded a prize (3 winners  will be selected by the jury and 3 by the public via an online vote).

For more information, please visit the contest’s official website by clicking here.

Don’t hesitate to share this information with your talented friends and acquaintances that might be interested in the challenge or you might even want to try your luck by participating!