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‘Small Bill, Big Thrill’ Photo Competition – Announcing Winners

Categories : Cash connects people
December 24, 2019
Published in : Art, Photography, Pleasure
A new bike, a rewarding day at work or a train ticket to visit loved ones. There’s a whole list of things one can get without paying much. A few coins forgotten at the bottom of our pockets or the small notes kept in our wallets, there is no doubt that these small bills can bring big thrills and that a little cash goes a long way.
Communication Team

For the photo contest SMALL BILL, BIG THRILL, Wipplay and CashEssentials invited photographers to portray an important subject: Money.

It was an opportunity to mobilise as many people as possible. Thank you all for participating. Today, we announce the contest winners.

Congratulations to the Winners

First prize: ITO – To my Angel of today and tomorrow 🥇


“Art is accessible to all. It gathers feelings and souls, and love is the main actor” – Ito


Second prize : Sébastien Bordes – Cash Only 🥈

©Sebastien Bordes

“New York …. The city that never sleeps!!! CASH ONLY ……. A small greenback spent today to wear beautiful shiny shoes and be a perfect Working Boy!!” Sébastien Bordes


Third prize : Olivier Tietsap –  Du miel Naturel à 2500 cfa (3,81€) 🥉

©Olivier Tietsap

“It was during July 2019., I decided to return to my beautiful little village of Babadjou in Western Cameroon, after 3 years of absence. The day of my arrival was market day. I jumped on the occasion and bought a liter of honey, fresh from the hives.” Olivier Tietsap



The Jury met at La Monnaie de Paris

The jury gathered at “La Monnaie de Paris”, the French Mint. There were professional photographers like Thierry Bouët and Philippe Assalit, economic experts like Olena Havrylchyk (professor at La Sorbonne University), Anne-Sophie Duroyon-Chavanne (Administrator of “la Monnaie de Paris”) and Guillaume Lepecq (Chair of CashEssentials).”


Zoom in on a favourite picture

©Desireogou “The skipping rope”

“In this poor neighborhood of Abidjan, parents cannot afford gifts for their children. They transform objects into toys, like this rope called “BICICI”. Made with plastic and costing €0.076, this gift is an endless source of joy for the children of the village. ” Derieogou.

Olena Havrylchyk said: “This child reminds me of the little girl I was. A child who was playing with the same skipping rope… I think that this image reveals something important. The pleasures we can live – even with little money – require effort. An effort to buy the object, but also an effort to repair it and keep it in use. Just look at all those knots”

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Exhibitions will be planned in 2020 to showcase the jury’s favorites pictures.