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US mass transit riders trust cash

Categories : Cash is trust, Cash protects privacy and anonymity
December 15, 2016
Tags : North America, Payment, Trust, US
US mass transit riders prefer cash as they deem it more secure than any other payment method.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

An ACI Worldwide data survey found that US public transportation users still prefer paying for their fares in cash. In fact, 51% of the 2,006 respondents admitted choosing cash over debit/credit cards (30%) and mobile payment apps (12%) when purchasing their ticket. 

The reasons for this preference are strongly related to riders’ perception of security: they believe that cash is still the most secure payment method. Also, although the current payment process is deemed secure, 78% stated that they would immediately revert to cash if there should ever be a data breach.

There are significant geographical differences within the United States. For example, New Yorkers are those that use cash the least (42%) while Philadelphians use it the most (75%).

The findings prove that the public places a high importance on security and data protection and that the payment method that best reassures these fears is cash.

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