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We’re all becoming data

Categories : Cash is trust
November 24, 2016
Tags : Alternative modes/methods of payment, Financial inclusion, Freedom, Uncertainty
Despite our waning freedom, nobody has yet protested against the cashless movement.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Cashless payment methods are certainly convenient and quickly gaining ground with Millennials. However, very few consumers are thinking about the consequences of such a shift. In fact, with the digitalisation of our payment habits, we’re slowly transforming ourselves into living data. Each and every activity, transaction, debt, mortgage, unpaid bill, and more will be recorded and used by whomever the payment provider is (the bank, Apple Pay, the government, etc.).

As Gerald Celente says in his article How ‘Big Brother’ is tracking your spending habits, “there is no defence against how institutions and government may use your data”; yet, consumers don’t seem too concerned. There has yet to be an “Occupy Cash” movement or a protest in favour of cash as a necessary means of payment.

Those that are developing these new payment methods are already rubbing their hands at the prospect of ever greater profit margins – while consumers lose their freedom one data at a time.

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