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Your personal data are under threat even at KFC

Categories : Cash is trust
January 30, 2017
Tags : Asia, Automation, Data breach, Technology
KFC will use facial recognition technology to analayse its customers' preferences and collect various personal information in a database.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

The famous American fried chicken chain, KFC, will open a new restaurant in Beijing featuring cashier robots powered by artificial intelligence. The project – led in collaboration with the Chinese web services provider Baidu – will use facial recognition to analyse each customers’ age, gender, and facial expressions to suggest the menu they are most likely to order. A photo of each customer will then be stored along with his/her order keeping a record of customer preferences for future visits.

With this technology, KFC will quickly collect the necessary data to better understand the market. Yet, the risk of implementing such a system is that the automated collection of personal data will give companies the green light to store complete files on customers including their payment details, photo and personal purchasing history – a system that will not be immune from security breaches. Should others follow the trend, it could become extremely difficult to keep our personal data – indeed – personal.

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