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Cabify accepting cash in Madrid

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November 28, 2018
Tags : Payment apps, Spain
After testing a new cash payment function in three Spanish cities, Cabify has deployed the service in the capital city of Madrid.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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After testing cash payments in the cities of Valencia, Sevilla and Alicante, the ride-hailing app Cabify is now accepting cash from its customers in the Spanish capital. Having started as a card-only service, the company is expanding its payments landscape to appeal to a wider customer base. The strategy is bringing its fruits: 20% of payments have been in cash.

The Spanish company had initially adopted cash payments in Latin America only, which has so far been a success in Chile, Colombia, Perú, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

But the ride-hailing app is not only trying to appeal to different payment preferences, it’s also testing different transportation options: at the beginning of the month of November, Cabify announced a partnership with the electric motorcycle-sharing app Movo, to deploy 20,000 electric scooters in 5 countries.

Diversity of payments, diversity of movement!

This post is also available in: Spanish