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Customers not willing to go completely digital

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash is a social network
December 27, 2016
Tags : Alternative modes/methods of payment, Privacy and anonymity, Security
Various studies demonstrate that customers still need the human touch in banking services.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

An increasing number of banks all around the world have started the shift towards digital, reducing their presence in the streets and proposing ever more online services. They aim to respond to the technological advances and to remain competitive against the proliferation of mobile apps and online banking startups. Nevertheless, new studies suggest that the majority of customers still need the human contact.

Indeed, a survey carried out for the American company Verint with participants from 12 countries shows that more than three quarters of customers do not want to see humans completely disappear from the customer services, mainly because of security and privacy concerns. Besides, a study made by Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions found that millennials are especially reluctant about the idea of sharing their private data online.

According to a research led by Nielsen in the UK, Britons are the world’s least likely to try banking mobile apps, notably because they worry about security and because they prefer visiting a branch. Indeed, 60% of participants reported that they would avoid banks without physical location.

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