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IBDA & CashEssentials to Launch Post-Covid-19 Recovery Initiative

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash is a contingency and fall-back solution, Humania
August 11, 2020
Tags : Coronavirus, Financial inclusion, Humania, Resilience
The IBDA and CashEssentials have been joined by other industry organisations - including ATMIA, BnEI, IACA, ICA and Reconnaissance International - to develop an initiative to support global recovery post Covid-19 by bringing together all actors in our community. They are calling this initiative, ‘HUMANIA’ but the project name will be confirmed upon launch of the initiative in September 2020.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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Guillaume Lepecq, Chair of CashEssentials told us that: ’The Covid-19 pandemic is the first truly global crisis. Beyond the loss of life, there are numerous far-reaching consequences such as human seclusion, suffering, economic distress and a sense of helplessness. Covid-19 is changing things on a personal, professional, social, economic and simply human level. We believe that it is our responsibility, as a community, to respond to this new world in an inclusive, positive and collective fashion. We must leverage our strengths, sense of humanity, and solidarity to do some good.‘

In its very essence, ‘HUMANIA’ may be considered as a Global Cash Community Initiative, using banknotes as a vector to Support Human Recovery & Development Post Covid-19. First and foremost, ‘HUMANIA’ is about helping. Helping those affected most by the Covid-19 pandemic and helping societies around the world to recover and rebuild. HUMANIA is a global platform to facilitate those willing to help, to join forces, build bridges and leverage their design skills as a valuable asset to help reconstruction, post Covid-19. To achieve success, the IBDA and CashEssentials have established a framework celebrating and paying tribute to the people, spirit and collective solidarity of humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This inclusive approach aims to raise funds and awareness to support post-Covid-19 recovery while paying tribute to those who have been in the front line during the fight against the pandemic. It also aims to portray in a positive manner some of the unique attributes of cash in a crisis situation: universality, resilience, trust. Most importantly, cash connects people. An ‘open-source’ approach is being adopted in order not to preclude access to the project by any individual, organisation or other entity who shares the philosophy of creating value for society via banknote artwork. HUMANIA participation is open to all organisations and individuals from all industries and backgrounds.

The initiative aims at executing a multi-phase project that will generate revenue for distribution to aid agencies via direct and indirect channels. The project will be launched with a Global Design Initiative in September. The HUMANIA banknote will be based on one or more of these designs and selected by an independent Committee to be defined and assembled. The final stage will lead to the origination, production, sale and distribution of selected Humania Banknotes to Intra-Cash Industry and Extra-Cash Industry Actors.

Mark Stevenson, President of the IBDA told us that; ‘I sincerely hope all industry actors will support this project and do their very best to contribute accordingly. The success of HUMANIA depends directly on the industry working together in pursuit of a common goal and everyone has a role to play.’

The ‘open-source’ nature of the HUMANIA project means that regardless of the nature of your business or activity, you can help in any of the following ways:

The IBDA & CashEssentials aim to launch HUMANIA in September 2020 and will go live with a series of industry press-releases, a website, an announcement of the composition of the HUMANIA Governing Board and of course, a targeted communication plan to ensure that all industry actors who wish to participate, have access to the HUMANIA project.

Guillaume Lepecq went on to say that; ‘To date, we have worked hard to secure buy-in from cash industry associations and I am pleased that the reactions to date are extremely positive.’


To find out more about the HUMANIA initiative please visit the IBDA or CashEssentials websites at and


This post is also available in: Spanish