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Light shines on the new Swiss note

Categories : Cash connects people, Cash is a symbol of national sovereignty
May 10, 2017
Tags : Banknote/Note, Cash, Central Bank, Demand, Legal tender, Switzerland
Shining bright today is Switzerland's new 20 franc note: a live representation of light's many virtues from creativity to science.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Today, the Swiss National Bank publicly unveiled the new 20 franc note, the second of the new series of banknotes “Switzerland’s multiple facets”. The first denomination to be issued, the 50 franc, was awarded the prestigious Banknote of the Year prize for 2016 by the International Bank Note Society.

Each banknote presents a different theme. While the 50 franc represented the wind, light is the 20 franc note’s story line.

Between the front and back of the note, light is represented in its many shapes and forms, a reminder of how important its presence is in our everyday lives. From the prism, held by the hand on the front of the note where white light is refracted into a rainbow, to the strikingly colourful globe where light is represented by the constellations in space; from the screen of projected light during the world-renowned Locarno Film Festival to the butterflies’ wings that sparkle when brushed by daylight, the 20 franc note depicts light in its scientific and creative forms.

The Swiss place great importance on the access to cash. In fact, Swiss National Bank Governing Board member, Fritz Zurbrügg, praised cash’s many positive attributes during his opening speech at this year’s World Banknote Summit and stated that “as the physical embodiment of the quality and stability of a currency, banknotes also play an important role in maintaining public confidence in the policies of the central bank.”

The new note will be officially issued on May 17th.

For more information about the Switzerland’s new banknotes series, please click here.

Image credit: BNS