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Next US banknotes to be enhanced with new security features

Categories : Cash is trust
July 29, 2016
Tags : Banknotes, Security features, Technology, US, User-friendly
Next US banknotes should contain enhanced security features and will depict famous faces of American history, such as Martin Luther King Jr or Harriett Tubman.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing might open a tender in the coming days for the creation of new forgery-proof security features for the next US banknotes. According to the pre-solicitation notice, the Bureau is looking for features visible to the naked eye and detectable with special devices, including intaglio printing and “optical waveguide” technology. The 4-year contract could be awarded to one or more companies.

Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary, announced last April that new banknotes will be issued in 2020, depicting various renowned faces of American history. Abolitionist and former slave Harriet Tubman will replace slave owner Andrew Jackson on the $20, while the $5 note will illustrate African-American Singer Marian Anderson during her concert at the Lincoln Memorial, alongside with Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr. orating his famous “I have a Dream” on the monument’s steps.

These new banknotes will also incorporate a user-friendly feature that will help consumers distinguish genuine from counterfeit quickly and easily.

Of course, current US banknotes already hold a full range of security features: when placed under UV light, the $10 changes colour to orange while the $20 becomes green. Both banknotes conceal portraits that only appear when the note is held up against a source of light (watermark), unveiling respectively Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson. And finally, denomination numbers 10 and 20 are printed with colour-shifting inks.

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