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Honing Debate on the Future of Money

Categories : Cash connects people
December 22, 2021
Tags : CashTech, Future of Cash, War on Cash
Some are calling it the ‘New Space Race’. Or is it mere turf wars, marred by self-interest? In any case, central and commercial banks – the traditional issuers of money – are being challenged today by a flotilla of disruptive newcomers from FinTechs and telcos, to digital platforms and emerging crypto-assets.

At stake is the very future of money

Cash plays an essential role in the economy …

CashEssentials is the dynamic think tank challenging the notion of a singular future for money (digital or otherwise). To wit, we frame the discussion about the future of cash, not only in technological terms but as an all-pervasive societal issue with fundamental implications for inclusion and equality, resilience and efficiency.

In a bid to challenge the dominant narrative – to diversify and sophisticate the outlook – we believe in the imperative of an open and transparent ‘Cash Dialogue’ that embraces all sectors of society. The future of money and the monetary system must be inclusive, fair, resilient and respectful of individual privacy. It must include a vision for human betterment – no less.

CashEssentials is an independent think tank dedicated to progressive thinking on cash, payments and monetary ecosystems. Because 85% of payments worldwide are still made in cash, we are committed to exploring and promoting innovation to meet that continuing demand. To hone the debate about the future of money.

Research and Analysis 

CashEssentials produces reports with a view to outcomes: encouraging a regulatory change; bringing influence to bear on the political class; sensitising business to innovation across the cash and payments industry; arguing the ‘case for cash’ creatively in the public policy space.

In 2021, this has included:

Seminars and webinars

CashEssentials regularly hosts topical seminars and webinars, often holding multiple sessions in series form. Recent events have covered the future of cash and trends in cash usage. In 2022, we will be holding webinars and/or seminars on:

News and Information

The CashEssentials website offers reporting and critical appraisal of the major developments across cash and payments as they happen. The CashEssentials site has become a trusted source of ready and reliable information on all things cash. It has a broad educational and awareness-raising role, making instantly transferable the knowledge, insights and expertise of CashEssentials and its supporters. It is already a sectoral reference and a CashEssentials ‘performance indicator’.

Read more about our activities in the report below, or feel free to contact us.

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