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Reaching out to the unbanked: Doxo & Coinstar

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April 25, 2018
Tags : Payment apps, Unbanked, Underbanked, US
The online bill payment provider Doxo has partnered with Coinstar to meet the needs of the under- and unbanked. Customers will now be able to pay their utility bills at any Coinstar kiosk using the Doxo app.
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In a move to reach out to approximately 6% of the US population that settle their utility bills in cash, Doxo has partnered with Coinstar. The online bill payment provider Doxo has recognized the need to offer consumers that prefer cash – or that simply do not have access to a bank account or a credit card – an alternative to digital payments.

With about 21,000 Coinstar kiosks across the country and with 45,000 payable billers in the Doxo network, consumers will simply need to select the cash payment option in the Doxo app, scan the automatically-generated QR code, and pay their bills at any Coinstar kiosk.

Thanks to this system, consumers can settle their bills at any time, even after hours. Others have already adopted cash payments to respond to the needs of the unbanked, including DivDat and PayNearMe. Indeed, even though digital payments have gained in popularity, many consumers turned to cash payments following the financial crisis as a way to better manage their spending.

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This post is also available in: Spanish