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Uber to maintain cash option in Puebla, Mexico

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November 23, 2017
Tags : Availability, Consumers, Legal tender, Mexico, Usage
Uber is fighting for cash - and fighting hard. After a reform of the Transportation Law in Puebla, Mexico, Uber is asking for a public consultation to be organised in order to reinstate cash as a payment method.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

It could sound like an oxymoron, but the global transportation app that started with a no cash policy – Uber – is fighting for cash, and fighting hard. Indeed, following a reform in Puebla’s Transportation Law which stipulates that any company of the Empresas de Redes de Transportes (Transportation Network Companies) must cease to accept cash payments, Uber announced it will speak to the government and request that a public consultation be organised.

In the meantime, the transportation app wrote to its drivers reassuring them that they may continue to accept cash payments until the matter is solved. Indeed, it is hoping that a public voting will result in the reinstatement of cash as a legal payment method for transportation companies.

Uber is confident that the citizens of Puebla will respond favourably to the initiative, as a similar case in Nuevo Léon demonstrated the public’s strong preference for cash and resulted in the modification of the law.

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