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CashTech Innovation Awards – Submissions are Open

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May 26, 2023
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The CashTech Innovation Awards aim to recognise innovations that facilitate access to and acceptance of cash and improve the cash cycle's overall efficiency. Submissions are open until 31 September 2023.

CashTech is the encounter between cash and technology. It brings together innovative companies that leverage software and communications technology to improve cash services – including access for consumers and businesses, facilitating the acceptance of cash by retailers across all channels, and enhancing the overall efficiency, resilience and sustainability of cash.

The CashTech Innovation Awards celebrate the tremendous advances in harnessing technology to ensure an accessible, reliable and sustainable future for cash. There are three categories.

The jury will gather two of the 2022 award winners,  Sandipan Chakraborty, founder of Sonnect, Joseph Arrange, Co-founder of Clip Money, and Guillaume Lepecq, founder of CashEssentials.

A Look Back at the 2022 Awards

The Best CashTech Award was jointly presented to DBS Bank and Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions.

Singapore-based DBS Bank deployed pop-up ATMs to distribute new banknotes to celebrate the Lunar New Year, discouraging customers from overcrowding bank branches during the pandemic.

DBS pop-up ATMs dispense new notes during the Lunar New Year.

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions developed ValiCash™, the first application to authenticate banknotes via mobile phone, bridging the physical and digital worlds.

The ValiCash™ app helps authenticate banknotes.

The Best CashTech Innovator was presented to Sonect, which has developed an app-based solution connecting consumers who want to withdraw cash with merchants who wish to deposit cash.

Sonect converts shops into virtual ATMs.

Clip Money won the Best CashTech Start-Up Award. The North American company has combined a mobile app with a cloud-based transaction platform, securely connected cash deposit devices and management software to deliver an end-to-end deposit solution to businesses, whoever they bank with, with the universal deposit devices available in convenient locations 24/7 such as shopping malls.

Clip Money enables businesses to deposit cash 24/7 in convenient locations.


How to Submit Your Nomination

Please submit your nomination by 30 September 2023 by completing this form.`

Alternatively, send your nomination to

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