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Meeting Carlos Almenar-Diaz: Banknote Art Concept

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August 2, 2021
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Carlos Almenar-Diaz, jury member of the IMAGINE CURRENCY competition and founder of Banknote Art Concept, talks cash, banknote design and more! He also shares his tips for creating a banknote for the IMAGINE CURRENCY photo competition.
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Carlos Almenar-Diaz, jury member of the IMAGINE CURRENCY competition, is the founder of Banknote Art Concept, an initiative that aims to enhance the artistic value of banknotes and coins. Carlos Almenar-Diaz has already designed several banknote works that have been exhibited in several museums and galleries around the world.

©Carlos Almenar-Diaz

©Carlos Almenar-Diaz

Carlos Almenar-Diaz’s banknotes are real canvases that hold our attention, with their impactful iconography, careful composition, committed message and omnipresent details. Wipplay took advantage of the IMAGINE CURRENCY contest to ask him some questions about Banknote Art Concept and banknote design. The goal? To share some inspirations for the next contestants!

His answers are illustrated by images competing in the photo contest as well as his own creations.



Tell us about your Banknote Art concept project.

“Banknote Art Concept is an initiative that brings together creative artists, and marketing & communication professionals. So many people who share the same spirit and philosophy communicate their experiences (individuals and collectives) related to monetary art and art print. Banknote Art Concept focuses on the artistic transformation of money into art.

Our purpose is the promotion and preservation of the cultural dimension of banknotes and coins, necessary for the economic operation of a society. That includes both artistic research during the creative phase as well as their reuse in the context of Art Money.”


Can you tell us about the banknotes and designers that inspired you to do this project?

“The designer of a banknote must develop his support by relying on four dimensions: aesthetics, technics, security and industrial production.

It should not be forgotten that the design of a banknote obeys a logic of large-scale production, the creative process must necessarily take it into account.

However, this conception must be nourished by other dimensions such as the artistics, social and cultural environments. These different levels of visual expression of banknotes will offer him multiple options of styles, but also of technical directions.”


Which one stood out to you the most and why?

“Each banknote I have designed has been challenging because the specifications are different for each country! I don’t have a real preference but I really like designing polymer bills. This medium offers more options and challenges to incorporate a functional bill. On the other hand, I have the privilege to have designed the banknotes of my own country in 2007. Obviously that matters to me.”


For you, what is the miracle recipe for a successful artistic banknote ?

“One of the expected qualities of a banknote design is its originality. That’s the essence of design! I believe in thinking creatively and innovatively about your work.

The design of a banknote is built in a multidirectional way. You have to take advantage of this, it defines the totality of its characteristics which can be functional, symbolic, aesthetic and technical as well.”


And you, if you could create a currency, what would it be?

“My currency would carry a message, a statement to the new world to come. Respect, tolerance and integration as human beings, regardless of our cultures and roots, is what a banknote should convey.

I was lucky enough to participate in the HUMANIA project, for which I designed a banknote with a message about respecting our environment and our community, since we are all part of a global society, with the motto: ‘The future opens our arms‘.”


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This post is also available in: Spanish