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Prosegur Goes Green and Introduces Hybrid and Electric Armoured Trucks

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September 18, 2020
Tags : cash management company, Germany, Global Warming, Spain
Prosegur Cash has launched a comprehensive sustainability plan with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of its activities. The company aims to achieve a 1.5% reduction in the direct CO2 emissions of its armoured fleet by 2020. To do so, the main levers are the hybridisation and electrification of their vehicles.
Guillaume Lepecq

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In October 2018, the Dutch Central Bank published the results of a Life Cycle Assessment of the Dutch cash cycle. The paper concluded that the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the cash payment system amounts to 17 million kg of CO2 equivalents, which represents 0.009% of the GWP of the Netherlands. Even if cash is not a major factor of global warming, this does not mean the industry should be complacent. The two main identified contributors in the cash cycle were the transportation and the operation of ATMs which represented respectively 44% and 37% of the total. The report mentions that the adoption of hybrid trucks could lead to a 12% reduction of GWP.

Electric armoured vehicles in Germany

On August 6 2020, Prosegur added the first fully electric armoured Cash-in-Transit vehicle to its fleet in Germany. The vehicle is an eTGE from MAN, equipped with special armouring from STOOF – a specialist who also equips UN vehicles for crisis regions. This is not only the first Cash-in-Transit vehicle in Germany, but worldwide. “For our Group, which transports the equivalent of €550 billion safely on all routes every year, it is of crucial importance to always be an innovation driver and to bear our responsibility in the area of sustainability,” says Jochen Werne, Chief Development Officer of Prosegur Germany.

In Poland, Idea bank launched a fleet of electric cars fitted with ATMs in 2015. At the time, the bank had equipped four electric BMW i3s with cash-in, cash-out ATMs, which can be ordered by smartphone either on demand or by advance booking. The service is particularly aimed at enterpreneurs and business owners who normally use cash deposit services, often after dark. It saves them the time and effort of making the extra journey, allowing them to focus on their business.

Prosegur’s fleet in Germany comprises almost 900 vehicles. “With an electric range of around 130 km and up to 32% lower CO2 emissions compared to a modern diesel vehicle, our new e-transporter makes its contribution to achieving the sustainability goals of the United Nations,” emphasizes Hasan Celebi, Chief Operating Officer of Prosegur Germany.

In the next step, Prosegur will test its new e-vehicle under operating conditions. One challenge in the day-to-day business is the payload. Due to the armouring required for the transport of cash and valuables and the resulting increase in the vehicle’s tare weight, the payload is reduced. “Transformation is also possible under complex conditions,” Jochen Werne is convinced. “We are sure that ecological and economic goals are compatible and want to be the forerunner in our industry.” If the test phase is successful, Prosegur plans to purchase further vehicles with electric drive.

Hybrid vehicles in Spain

In Spain, the company has unveiled 12 new hybrid armoured trucks, which will operate in Madrid and Barcelona. These vehicles feature a Euro 6 110 hp heat engine and an ECO environmental category 40 KW 150 hp electric engine. The new vehicles will reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by nearly 25% and save 23% on fuel consumption and 10% on maintenance costs.

According to Miguel Angel Bandrés, General Manager for Europe of Prosegur Cash: “By incorporating these greener alternatives into our vehicle fleet, we are not only actively helping to achieve the sustainability goals set by the UN, but also reaffirming our steadfast commitment to, and responsibility for, protecting the environment.”


This post is also available in: Spanish