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Tipping: Uber’s remaining cash pillar

Categories : Cash is easy to use, Cash is efficient
April 25, 2016
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Until a recent class action in California and Massachusetts, Uber didn't offer tipping to its drivers. That's about to change and it might result in cash tips.
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

Despite Uber’s gung-ho attitude about seamless, frictionless and cashless car rides, cash transactions might creep into the fully digital private transportation service.

Last week, during a class-action settlement in California and Massachusetts, Uber was forced to change its communication around its tipping policies. Unlike its main U.S. competitor, Lyft, Uber doesn’t offer riders the option to tip their drivers through the smartphone app and, despite what most riders might believe, tips are not included in the final payment.


Uber will now be required to clearly state that tips are not part of any transaction and drivers will be allowed to ask for them: an oxymoron for a company that prides itself in its fully digital approach to transportation.


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