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Small Bill, Big Thrill Photo Contest: Get Inspired

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September 19, 2019
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We are on week two of our photo contest: SMALL BILL, BIG THRILL: A little Cash goes a Long Way and here’s a recap of our favourite shots so far!
Communication Team / Equipo de Comunicación

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Our 2019 photo contest: SMALL BILL, BIG THRILL: A little Cash goes a Long Way that was launched on the 4th of September, together with Wipplay, has inspired numerous shots to date – over 600 creatively-captured and captioned images in fact!

You still have a chance to win exciting cash prizes by submitting your photos here! We’d love to hear your stories about how a little cash goes a long way! In the meantime, we’re sharing with you a few submitted snapshots to give you some inspiration:


“China Town… Paris 13th arrondissement, a long queue for a delicious pork bun offered at a low price! Yum yum. Waiting in the canteen.”

Reflection of man waiting in line holding a bag

(China Town … Paris 13e, Longue file d’attente pour s’offrir une délicieuse brioche au porc à petit prix ! Miam Miam. L’attente à la cantine.) © Sébastien Bordes


“New York… The city that never sleeps!!! CASH ONLY….. The little expense of the day is a green banknote; to have beautiful shiny shoes and be a perfect Working Boy!”

Man reading a newspaper while his shoes are being polished in a New York shoe shine storie that accepts cash only

(New-York …. La ville qui ne dort jamais !!! CASH ONLY ….. La petite dépense de la journée; et en billet vert; pour avoir de belles chaussures lustrées et être un parfait Working Boy !) © Sébastien Bordes


“At the café, the emptiness of waiting is filled by thought. A precious moment to spend.”

Man in floral shirt sitting on red chair against a floral wall while looking at green plant on white table

(Au café, le vide de l’attente est comblé par la pensée. Instant précieux à dépenser.) © Stéphane Guillaume


“The farmer from a remote village gives me two apples from his stock for the winter. A while later, a small glass of his homemade alcohol … we are far from a society where all gestures have a price!”

Farmer wearing a floral sweater and a hat holding lemons, fresh produce

(Le pauvre paysan d’un village perdu me donne 2 pommes de sa réserve pour l’hiver. Aussi plus tard, un petit verre d ‘alcool de sa production…nous sommes loin d’une société ou tous les gestes ont un prix !) © Louis Guermont


“Having a beer in Munich, set in a ‘biergarten’ to make the best of the simple pleasures: being  together, relaxing, enjoying”

A group of people enjoying beer in Munich's beer garden while sitting on a bench and table

(Le temps d’une bière à Munich, posé dans un biergarten pour profiter des plaisirs simples : être ensemble, se poser, profiter.) © Chloé Lelièvre


“May 2018, a ticket for a boat trip on Lake Königssee in Bavaria. Time to let yourself enjoy, disconnect from everything that happens too fast and to surrender to daydreaming in front of nature. A small simple pleasure, but big in necessity.”

A boat overlooking the view of a lake and the mountains and alps

(Mai 2018, un billet pour une balade en bateau sur le lac Königssee en Bavière. Le temps de se laisser bercer, de se déconnecter de tout ce qui va trop vite et de s’abandonner à la rêverie face à la nature. Un petit plaisir simple, mais grandement nécessaire.) © Chloé Lelièvre


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to reminisce about those joyful moments, consult the rules and get your camera ready! The contest is open to photographers across the globe – both amateurs and professionals – and will run until the 16th October 2019.


For more information, please visit the contest’s official website.

This post is also available in: Spanish